Who We Are?

RealityBOOST a forerunner in augmented reality is different than most companies found in today’s AR landscape.

Founded in Miami, Florida by Edwin Rivera and team in 2009 as a spinoff of emerging technology leader Credelis Media Group, RealityBOOST takes a strategy-driven, results oriented marketing approach to AR. Sure, our AR experiences are cool, but cool technology has to help our clients boost their sales and gain market share to be effective.

RealityBOOST’s team is a unique combination of experienced marketing and advertising professionals, award-winning graphic designers, innovative programmers and cutting-edge mobile app developers working towards one goal. We’ll make sure your products or services stand out from the competition by engaging your customers (and potential customers) with immersive, interactive AR experiences.

Experience the RealityBOOST difference.



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At RealityBOOST we think our clients say a lot about us. We’re currently working with leaders in the medical, retail, construction, tourism and sports industries providing AR solutions for a variety of clients. Here are just some of the brands we’re working with.


While most companies have us build a ‘branded’ app for them, we’ve created a product, our own RealityBOOST app, designed to help companies (big and small) try out AR. We call it AR Made Affordable. The AR ‘experience’ will be housed in our app, thus saving you the cost of app development. That way you can manageably test AR and track the results. The proof, as they say, is in the pudding.  And we think you’ll like the way AR tastes.


Recent Clients:

Evy of California

Product: Kukee App


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What's Augmented Reality

Remember the first time you saw that strange yellow line appear on the screen as you were watching the football game? That line, mixing the virtual and real worlds, is one of the earliest examples of Augmented Reality (known as AR).

As a general ‘definition’ AR allows you to point any mobile smart phone or tablet at a target (such as an ad in a magazine or a T-shirt logo) and be rewarded with a unique 3D and/or video experience on your device.

This unique method of enhancing—augmenting—the real world is why more and more major companies are turning to AR to communicate with consumers. Companies like Sports Illustrated (teaming with DirectTV), Walmart (cobranding with Marvel Entertainment) and Disney. They know that AR provides a strong, attention-grabbling vehicle for their messages. It makes them stand out.

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